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PLEASE NOTE: A minimum order contains three testing units. 

Making a definitive diagnosis as to the presence of iron bacteria within a water well can be difficult. Which is why we are proud to offer a patented, definitive test for the detecting the presence of iron bacteria with our Biological Activity Reaction Test (BART) kit.

Conducting a test is easy. Simply collect a water sample from the well in question and pour it into the BART testing vial. Observe the vial for a period of eight days. The IRB BART test will display a positive result when there is foam produced and/or a brown ring develops as a ring around the interior vial of the testing tube.

Depending on how quickly a reaction is observed, this provides you with an indication of the bacterial count within the water sample. For example, if a reaction is observed within one day of starting the test, the bacteria count is high with a reading equal to, or greater than, 570,000 CFU/ml (colony forming unit). Additionally, if no reaction is seen within 6 days, the bacteria count is equal to 500 CFU/ml. A negative test has no brown color, no color, and no clouding within 8 days.

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PLEASE NOTE: A minimum order contains three units. 

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