Newly designed for 2019, Laval Underground Surveys is proud to introduce the newest member of the R-CAM product portfolio, the R-CAM TLE Level Wind. Designed to increase the versatility and portability of the R-CAM camera system, the R-CAM TLE Level Wind features a host of features not found on the standard R-CAM XLT winch, starting with the inclusion of a level wind.

The R-CAM TLE’s level wind has been designed to provide a higher degree of cable management that allows the operator to focus solely on conducting video surveys. The R-CAM TLE also features a high resolution, 100 pulse encoder that has been repositioned to vastly increase counter accuracy and allow for a variety of in-field setups such as the use of a tripod.

To increase the level of portability of the R-CAM TLE, the extendable boom arm and winch handle can now be completely removed to aid in transporting, mounting, shipping, or storing the system. Additionally, a battery compartment has been added to provide a convenient storage location for the 12-volt battery.

The R-CAM TLE Level Wind is available as an upgrade for both new and existing R-CAM camera systems. The winch comes equipped with either 1,000 feet (304.8 m) or 1,300 feet (396.24 m) of coaxial, Kevlar reinforced cable. If you would like more information about the R-CAM TLE level wind, please call our offices at (559) 251-1396.


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R-CAM TLE Level Wind Technical Specifications
Transport: Removable Boom and Handle
Counter: 100PPR, High-Resolution Optical Encoder with Dual Pressure Rollers
Spooling: Automatic, Gear Driven Level Wind to Evenly Distribute Cable
Speed: 9 rpm
Motor: 12VDC Gear Motor
Drive: Onboard Variable Speed Motor Controller
Torque: 53 in lbs.
Power Source: 12VDC Battery Pack with Voltmeter and Charger
Dimensions: 40” (101.6 cm) Tall, 18” (45.72 cm) Wide, 47” (119.38 cm) Long
Weight: 130lbs (58.97 kg)
Cable Capacity: 1,000’ (304.8 m) or 1,300’ (396.24 m) Kevlar-Reinforced, Coaxial Cable
Cable Head: Detachable Laval Quick-Connect Cable Head, Pressure Rated to 5,000 PSI with Built-in Strain Relief

Additional information

Weight 215 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 33 × 45 in
Desired System Length

1000 feet (300 meters), 1300 feet (396 meters)